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ACT Field Services

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ACT Field Services
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GPS Surveying and Stake Out • Topographical Surveys • Construction and Subdivision Services Layout • Commercial and Industrial Buildings Layout • Residential Landscaping Pre-Design Survey and Layout • Golf Course Pre-Design Survey and Layout • Wetland Restoration Pre-Design Survey and Layout


Surface Water Flow Mapping

Pit Cut/Fill and Volumes

VTOL Multi-Rotor Flier (Drone)

Crop Monitoring

Aerial Surveys Ground Control

Subdivision and Services Layout

Rural Estate Landscaping

Recreational Ponds

Specialized Landscaping – Waterfalls

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Whether you are working to restore wetlands or you are building a new set of apartments, our team is prepared to assist you with careful planning and professional surveying to meet your needs.

Land Surveying

Land Surveying

At ACT Field Services, we have been assisting our clients with their surveying needs for over 25 years, and that means we are your first choice when you need land surveying services.

Building Layout Surveying

Building Layout Surveying

The advantages of having our team assist you with your project are numerous, and you will feel confident that the pre-planning and design phases of your project are charted for success.


Over 60 years of combined experience related directly to the fields of surveying and construction

At ACT Field Services, we can readily support clients with:

  • GPS surveying & stakeout
  • Topographical surveys
  • Construction & subdivision services layout
  • Commercial & industrial buildings layout
  • Residential landscaping pre-design  survey & layout
  • Golf course pre-design survey & layout
  • Drone aerial photography
  • Wetland restoration pre-design survey & layout

Our team at ACT Field Services is dedicated to assisting you with the comprehensive surveying services you require in Barrie, Ontario.

If you have questions about our surveying services, or if you would like to hire us for your next construction or building layout project, please contact us at ACT Field Services today for more information. For over 25 years, we have been helping our clients achieve successful building and landscape projects. We look forward to working with you.


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From land surveying to wide-ranging assistance as your aerial surveyor, our team is ready to help you achieve success.

Since April of 1988, our mission at ACT Field Services has been to provide high-quality services by taking a pre-planned approach to every project. We are long on experience within the fields of topographical surveying and construction layout, involving projects all over Southern Ontario. Our surveys are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

At ACT Field Services, we offer a variety of comprehensive surveying services and have an experienced surveying team to assist you in Barrie, Ontario. Using Trimble equipment that helps us establish centimetre survey accuracy, no matter the surface contour or cover, we know how many points to collect, where the point distribution should be, and what will be visible in the imagery. Additionally, construction layout is one of our specialties, and we pride ourselves on our record of accuracy and problem solving involving all manner of subdivision and building layout.