About ACT Field Services, Barrie, ON

We have over 30 years of combined experience providing our clients with the high-quality surveying data they need to complete their projects successfully in Barrie, Ontario.

About ACT Field Services in Barrie, Ontario
Over the past 23 years, our team at ACT Field Services has been involved in various road projects, numerous subdivision layouts around Southern Ontario, commercial building projects, large-scale Landscape Projects, and pre-engineering and design Topography Surveys for large residential and commercial developments. Similar work on a smaller scale includes pre-design topography and existing features location, and post-design layout of custom landscaping around private residences. Additionally, we have been involved with many ski resorts over the years, providing hill profile surveys, alignment checks on existing chair lifts, and location surveys for future ski lifts and ski runs. Recently, we have added Aerial Surveys to our tool belt, as we now can provide Orthographic mosaic’s and various other data sets from Drone and UAV imagery!

ACT Field Services is a small, efficient surveying company, and our members are dedicated to providing high-quality services for projects both large and small in the Barrie, Ontario area.

J. Christopher Arbuckle

Upon graduation from Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Barrie, Ontario in 1983, Chris worked for a number of Ontario Land Surveyors in the Barrie area. In 1988, Chris established ACT Field Services, whose mission from the outset, and to the present day, is to provide a survey field service for any variety of situations from an office overload “one-day scenario” to larger ongoing projects. The focus is on a consistent, highly accurate and efficient result wherever topographical data collection or a precision layout meets the needs of the client.

David G. West

Upon graduation from Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Barrie, Ontario in 1973, David spent two years in the house and cottage construction industry. Leaving general building construction, David became Ducks Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) first employee in the province of Ontario, holding the position of Area Manager for 20 years.  During his final 9 years with Ducks Unlimited Canada, David held the positions of Senior Resource Specialist – Engineering (5 years) and Conservation Programs Leader (4 years).

During this same period, David was a member of DUC National Working Groups and Task Forces and provided wetland project planning assistance to Ducks Unlimited Inc. (USA) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (State of Wisconsin). During his career with Ducks Unlimited Canada, David guided well over 500 wetland habitat projects and project complexes through the rigors of project design, government approvals and funding partnerships, culminating in a legacy of high-quality waterfowl and wildlife habitat across much of the southern Ontario landscape. David has provided technical contracting services to ACT Field Services since August of 2004.