Land surveying is a useful process designed to solidify boundary lines

Land surveying is a useful process designed to solidify boundary lines, inform of topographical and manmade features, and provide a bigger picture into the overall composition of a plot of land. Before you schedule your next land survey with us at ACT Field Services, here are three key facts you should know about this service:

  1. Few situations make land surveying unnecessary—In fact, if you think you need a land survey, you are probably right! Any time you purchase a piece of property, no matter how long ago it was surveyed, you should invest in a survey to establish the boundary lines, especially if a building or other manmade feature exists on it.
  2. Small mistakes matter—You could be fined if you build a fence or another structure on someone else’s property, even if you only encroach on the property line by a minute amount. Always err on the side of caution and have us perform a land survey before expanding a building or another structure.
  3. Total cost depends on many factors—Many people mistakenly assume that the larger a piece of land is, the more it will cost to survey. However, the total cost of land surveying depends on many factors, such as whether the original survey is available, how the land is partitioned, and the condition of existing maps (if any).

Do you have any questions about land surveying, what it entails, or the processes we follow? Contact us today, and we can provide the information you need!