Aerial photography provides views of land and properties

Aerial photography provides views of land and properties from a new perspective that is hard to capture from other angles. At ACT Field Services, we proudly offer aerial photography services and recommend this option for the following industries:

  1. Construction—If you are involved in a construction project, we recommend taking advantage of our aerial photography services at regular intervals to track the progress of your project. You can use these photographs to inform your clients of construction process or provide visual references during planning meetings with subcontractors and crews.
  2. Real estate—When it comes to selling homes, aerial photographs are a highly effective marketing tool. In addition to attracting buyers to a home, they can communicate property boundaries and the location of the property in relation to rail lines, airports, highways, and other important infrastructure.
  3. Commercial—Attract patrons to your business by capturing your building and property in a single, high-resolution photograph. You can also use these images to display on brochures, reports, your website, and at trade shows.
  4. Legal—Aerial photographs can act as evidence in a variety of cases. For example, they can be used in cases related to property disputes and for the purpose of analyzing accident scenes and environmental events.
  5. Special events—Would you like to commemorate a special outdoor event? Aerial photography can be used to capture images of wedding receptions, fairs, major sporting events, rallies, marathons, and more.