wetlands surveying services backed by our extensive experience

Wetlands are a valuable part of our ecosystem here in Canada, and preserving them is a noble mission many organizations we work with have taken on. We support the need to preserve wetlands in our area by providing wetlands surveying services backed by our extensive experience and superior customer service.

Our wetlands surveying services are generally used for creating wetland maps, which are a prerequisite for completing wetland inventory. Wetland surveying is also necessary for development planning, management, restoration, and protection of these areas. More specifically, wetland maps can be used to support these purposes, as well as be used as evidence to develop resource management plans, propose construction buffers, and make environmental impact assessments.

During the wetlands surveying process, a biologist initiates the process by determining the vegetation, soil types, and hydrologic indicators of the area using scientific judgement. After doing so, the biologist will typically place flags on key areas to specify the wetland boundaries, roughly mapping them as part of the process.

Once we receive this mapping data, we draw another map that references the parcels of land or plots surrounding the wetland. We then add a chart to this drawing that includes flag numbers and plane coordinates that can be referenced in the future.

Our wetlands surveying services are designed to help you preserve the ecologically rich wetlands in our local area. For additional information about our wetlands surveying services or to schedule a survey, reach out to us at ACT Field Services today.