construction surveying involves analyzing the site layout

When you purchase a new piece of property, it is critical that you understand the basic features of the land as well as the boundaries of ownership. Before building additional infrastructure or developing the land in any way, it is essential that you schedule either a construction survey or a standard land survey.

The Basics of Construction Surveying

In its most basic form, construction surveying involves analyzing the site layout of a specific piece of land before a project develops. Our construction surveyors read and assess plans for development to determine where construction will be most appropriate and beneficial.

Our surveyors can also help with staking out sites for proposed roads, bridges, and buildings to ensure the final product aligns with the pre-determined design. Additionally, we can locate and stake out sites for underground electrical utilities, pipelines, fences, concrete slabs, and other manmade features.

The Basics of Land Surveying

During a land survey, a surveyor from our team will determine your property boundaries using electronic levels that gather precise measurements. We may use a variety of equipment for this purpose, including surveying prisms, measuring tapes, and other industry-specific tools. We recommend booking a land survey when you need to settle a property dispute, procure information for accurate mapmaking, or gain a better understanding of your land’s features.

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