benefit from the skill and information provided by a land surveyor

Land surveyors aren’t only useful for staking out large plots of land and performing construction surveys. In fact, if you are a homeowner, there are several situations in which you could benefit from the skill and information provided by a land surveyor, including the following:

  • You are buying a new home—While building a new home or purchasing an existing one does not always require a survey, in some cases, your mortgage lender may request one to ensure there are no potential encroachments and to ensure the borders listed for the land and structure are correct.
  • You are involved in a neighbourly dispute—Are you and your neighbour disagreeing about whether a fence, tree, or other structure is on your property or theirs? If so, hire a land surveyor right away to determine the facts. The information they acquire can also be used as evidence in court if the dispute progresses in that direction.
  • You want to add an addition/structure to your property—Avoiding a potential property dispute with a neighbour can be done if you survey your land before building a new shed, fence, mother-in-law suite, or any other kind of structure. On the other end, if you fail to do this and your addition extends to even a corner of your neighbour’s property, you could be subject to fines and even a lawsuit.

If you are unsure of whether you need a land survey, feel free to call us at ACT Field Services! We are always happy to help.