hiring a surveyor to complete the construction surveying process

As a contractor or engineer, you realize that part of the construction process involves hiring a surveyor to complete the construction surveying process. This process involves performing a site layout survey, which interprets the construction plan and delineates the exact location of all new structures, including the buildings and roads. Overall, construction staking is used to make sure the project in question is built in accordance with the design plans. As construction moves forward, the staked reference points will ensure the construction project moves forward on budget, as intended, and according to pre-determined timelines.

During the construction surveying process, two types of staking may occur, which include:

1.   Site layout staking—Often, site layout staking is required to attain proper building permits. Once the contractor receives approval to move forward, they can continue constructing retaining walls, buildings, lighting, parking lots, and even underground utilities.

2.  Rough grade staking—The purpose of rough grade staking is to determine the location of any site improvements in relation to the final grade elevation and location of the structure. After rough grade staking occurs, the next subcontractor who comes in will have a properly prepared and graded site to work with.

If you are looking for a surveyor to help you with the construction surveying process before or during a project, reach out to us at ACT Field Services. We are incredibly experienced and even use aerial solutions when needed to achieve the best possible result. Give us a call!