Building Layout Surveyor, Barrie, ON

Allow our team at ACT Field Services to serve as your building layout surveyor in Barrie.

Building Layout Surveyor in Barrie, Ontario
Before you build, you need to know the landscape of your construction site and the most efficient way to construct your new facility so that it is functional and efficient. Whether you are a construction company looking for accurate survey data or an organization expanding in your current area, you’ll find that working with us at ACT Field Services produces the results you are looking for in Barrie, Ontario.

As your building layout surveyor, we are able to identify any existing features that would affect your new build, as well as inform your building and design crews about any important topography details that should be avoided or addressed before breaking ground. Additionally, we’ll help with the pre- and post-building layout design, so you feel confident your new structure will be a success. When you choose us as your building layout surveyor, you will find our comprehensive services and pre-planned approach provide a wealth of information and data that help you make the best possible decisions before, during and after your building construction project.

Whether you are only at the concept stage of your building project or you are ready to break ground, allow our team at ACT Field Services to serve as your building layout surveyor in Barrie. We have been providing surveying solutions since 1988, and we are equipped to assist as your building layout surveyor for projects of any scope and size. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and discuss your upcoming building project. We look forward to working with you.

At ACT Field Services, our building layout surveyors proudly serve Southern and Central Ontario, including BarrieInnisfil, Orangeville, Lindsay, Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, and Owen Sound.