Topographic Survey, Barrie, ON

We are equipped to provide you with the topographic survey information you need.

Topographic Survey in Barrie, Ontario
At ACT Field Services, we have been a trusted name in topographic surveying in Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding area for many years. We are committed to providing accurate and timely information and have assisted with many different projects and industries over the years. Whether you are a field manager, have a major construction project, or you are working on landscape restoration, we are equipped to provide you with the topographic survey information that you need.

Our experience and up-to-date technology allow us to provide fast, efficient and high-quality data, and we will work with you at every stage to ensure you are fully informed for the duration of your project. When providing topographic surveys, we use a number of different resources to ensure that you get the most accurate information. Not only can we provide survey information using traditional survey methods and equipment, but we can also incorporate aerial imaging services should your project require it. Using drone photography, we can take high-resolution images quickly and efficiently, allowing us to provide timely information and to keep your project on-track during each of its different phases.

While having boots on the ground to gather survey information certainly has its advantages, the benefits of using UAV or drone technology to collect topographical survey data are many. For example, UAVs can navigate a variety of different weather conditions and cover your entire landscape in a short period of time. Aerial imaging is often more detailed than satellite photos, and this method of information gathering allows us to offer fast response times during your project. Once we have completed the aerial imaging process during a topographic survey, we can also provide expert recommendations from the results to help you develop the most effective plans for your construction or infrastructure project.

At ACT Field Services, we have worked with numerous industries and are knowledgeable about the specifics regarding your project. Our extensive background includes ski resort and golf course development, as well as residential construction and government infrastructure projects in Ontario. From wastewater management to wetland restoration and farm land development, we have the expertise to ensure your project is a success. One of the most important things we can do while collaborating with you is provide recommendations based on the survey information that we collect. If you need assistance during the design and planning stages of your project, we are prepared to assist you every step of the way. Having our skilled team members to interpret topographic survey data and provide guidance may prove beneficial during multiple stages of construction and development.

At ACT Field Services, we use a pre-planned approach and provide high-quality services as your preferred land surveyor in Barrie. Contact us today if you need to schedule a topographic survey or if you have questions about how our services are geared to help you achieve the best results with your upcoming project. We know you will see excellent outcomes and achieve your goals when you work with our experienced team.

At ACT Field Services, we perform topographic surveys throughout Southern and Central Ontario, including Innisfil, Barrie, Orangeville, Lindsay, Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, and Owen Sound.