Topographic Surveying, Barrie, ON

We provide topographic surveying services that give you the full scope and detail of the land, so your project can be completed without setbacks.

Topographic Surveying in Barrie, Ontario

Whether you are planning new construction or designing a driveway, at ACT Field Services, we can assist you in achieving your goal. We provide topographic surveying services that give you the full scope and detail of the land you are working with, so your project can be completed without setbacks.

As part of our services, we are committed to working collaboratively to create detailed and practical plans, work around potential problems, and ultimately complete every project on schedule. Our surveying services are simply to provide basic landscape information but are also geared towards providing recommendations and guidance during the planning, design, and each of the phases of construction. During the topographic surveying process, we apply three important steps:

  • Identify – The most important part of surveying is identifying specific features of a piece of land that can impact a building and design project, either negatively or positively. Having information about the natural features of the landscape in question can aid in the determination of next steps. We can apply different procedures during the topographic identification process depending upon the project type including traditional survey methods or the use of aerial imaging.
  • Map – Additionally, topographic surveying provides a complete map overview of the area you are working with. This could include perimeter boundaries, historical site data, or areas in which the property must be crossed to achieve your desired result. Having accurate map data is crucial to the success of any building or infrastructure project, and we always work to make sure that the information we provide is up to date and correct. Since interpretation is crucial, you can rely on us to assist with the development of your planning and design based on our detailed mapping.
  • Inform – Once the mapping process is initiated, our team works to ensure that the information provided by our survey gives you the information you need to achieve your goal. We can even discuss post-design layout with you if you need assistance determining the best place to start. We have many years of experience working on various construction and building projects, and we are knowledgeable about the best uses of topographic information to achieve the best results.

While we can apply different tactics to provide the most effective topographic mapping data, we often find that utilizing drone imagery is very beneficial for many of our clients. Especially if you need survey data for sprawling landscapes, areas with difficult terrain, or in places where you need to be sure of property boundaries, aerial imaging is especially helpful. This method of surveying is also useful in varying weather conditions or if you need critical survey information on a short timeline.

At ACT Field Services, we have been assisting our clients for over 25 years with construction, building, and landscaping projects in Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding areas. Whether you need more specific information about the property where your build is taking place, or you need to ensure that your perimeter lines are clear, our team is prepared to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your topographic survey.

At ACT Field Services, we offer topographic surveying services throughout Southern and Central Ontario, including Barrie, Innisfil, Orangeville, Lindsay, Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, and Owen Sound.